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8/20/09 -- Frank Mosqueda - Franks Rockin Rodeo

Show had fun @ yall's place on Thursday...much love

11/04/07 -- DebraLee

Wow what a party!!!!! So many great costumes this year cuddos to everyone :) We need more pics I know I seen at least 10 cameras out!!lol Mine will be on the way soon. Go COLTS!!!!!!

1/11/07 -- John and Gina

Just wanted to say wow! My husband and I went out there last night and what a place. We both were very interested to know the name of that band. Someone had said they were the Outlaw Band, is this true? The music truly original Texas Country with a bit a hot sauce...between that Harmonica player and the vocals, hell yeah! Wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had, and we'll be comin' back with our friends! Haven't heard harmonica playing like that in a long time! Couldn't find their name on any places on the web? Anyway, thanks for the great night out and take care ya'll!

12/4/06 -- Duane

Hello Nancy, Thanks so much for having "The Flyin' A's" at Giddy Ups last Saturday. It is always a blast playing at your place. It's great to play for good people.

Take care, Duane the Drummer

11/12/06 -- Terry

Ryan Briggs band is sooooo cool, had a great time thanks. I so love Austin and you are just, well make me happy I live here. The music was great and the crowd of people just made my nite...

7/20/06 -- Rob Woolsey

Nancy, Just missing the old gang. Thought about all of you and thought I would send everyone a Hello. Let the afternoon gang know I said hi. I am doing fine up here in Kentucky. Ya'll take care and talk to ya later.


7/10/06 -- Jason Arnold

Hey, Nancy. Just wanted to say thanks for having us out to play on Friday. We had a great time and a really good crowd. Hope to do it again soon, so just let us know!

Take care, Jason

4/13/06 -- Gringo Dewey

Nancy, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated what a really cool thing you did last Thursday. Your friend had a little bit too much to drink, and you convinced him to park his scooter inside and get a ride home. You may have saved him (or someone else) from serious injury or worse. That was an act of true friendship and personal responsibility... and a beautiful thing to witness! I was very impressed and moved by it. You ROCK!

All the best, Dewey

3/20/06 -- Rand McCullough

Hey Nancy, I had a great time last Friday night. Like I was sayin at the end of the gig, I would like to play there solo sometime. I could draw a little crowd and I'll play for cheap. I think it's worth a try. Lemme know what ya think. Thanx again for the gig.... Your food was GREAT. All the best.

3/19/06 -- Brian Lentz

Cool site! Sorry we missed the St. Paddyís Day shindigÖ Iím recovering well from the back surgery (NO sciatica, Hallelujah!) but now have a crappy cold or something, so Iím not going to spread it around any more than I have to (Bonnie, our friend Mama Jo whoís here at the ďSmoke & JokeĒ almost every afternoon/evening :-)

I do miss everybody at the GU honky-tonk :-( Hope to get in for a Shiner or two before the Lordís return :-)

3/16/06 -- Teri Fann

Nancy, great site and I loved reading your year-end wrap up letter. Iíll come down south and have a beer soon!

Yíknow I donít get a ton of visitors to my personal web site, but there are maybe 50 to 100 folks who check in frequently that I know of...Iíd be glad to put up a link to Giddyups on my site. Donít know why I hadnít thought of it before. Not enough coffee some days I guess. Iíll do it now. Maybe by the time you get this, itíll be there.

Stay sweet!

See ya.

3/13/06 -- Sam Bentley

Nancy, I don't know if you have a spot on your website for this information, but I wanted to send a message to all the folks at Giddy Ups who come out when my band plays and especially the many who seem to stand around and gaze in amazement when our steel guitarist Jim Grabowske plays. This past weekend (March 11), in Dallas, Jim was inducted into the Texas Steel Guitar Hall of Fame. This puts Jim in the company of other great steel guitarists such as Leon McAullife, Herb Remington, Jimmy Day, Tom Morrell and other greats in the Hall of Fame. Jim feels very honored for having been chosen, and humbled at being part of such a prestigious group. I am very proud of Jim, and very honored to play music in the same group with him. Nancy, keep up the great work you are doing at Giddy Ups. We love you and will see you soon!

3/11/06 -- Susie Cunningham

What a great looking place!†I was missing my old friends when I Googled up your site.... I have these old pictures from the last time I saw Cathy and Cody... down on Hubach Lane... I will be coming to Austin in the late spring or early summer. I hope to make it to your club.†Tell Cathy hello for me and please pass along my email...

2/13/06 -- Brad the harmonica man


Gashi kara Nihon, (Greetings from Japan)

Hope everything is going well at the club while I'm here in Japan on business. Miss you guys and can't wait to get home and have fun at the open mic again. Tell Ted and Roy will see them soon. You owe me a dance when I get home girl. Take care.

Setsujitsuni goshujin kaonajimi, (sincerely your friend)

1/31/06 -- Eric Hoover (a brief acquaintance)

I was 'Google-ing' a few people I had met in my distant past who left a strong positive impression on me.†I searched for Col. Henney and found a link to this site with your kind rememberance.† I am saddened to hear he has passed as I had wanted to tell him of the lasting impression he left on me, but I am sure he can read this from his new post in a higher place. Best regards Colonel.

12/28/05 -- Webster

...and a mighty fine establishment y'all run there.  The hired help is superb in their due diligence of customer satisfaction!

12/14/05 -- Buckets

Hi Nance:   I just took a cruise of the web site and it simply looks great! Seems you have it all out there with lots of good info and pics. Your dream keeps moving forward and that is really GOOD STUFF.

From one who was an "early bird" (in a sense) at Giddy Ups you have moved it a long way. I don't take the opportunity to come in much anymore, but there isn't a time when I drive by that I don't think of the "good" times I have had there and the good people I have met (you are at the top of that list).

I know Larry looks down and flashes that great smile of his...and approves! Keep movin' on.   Love ya,   Buckets

12/12/05 -- Ken

Please put the WEB SITE for CASI to your links page www.chili.org .   A big thank you     Ken

12/12/05 -- Leslie

Hey guys!!!! I hope the CASI Cookoff was a success. All events are due to the dedication of ALL Staff members, vounteers, judges, muscicians etc. Even though it's too often not said, you all do a fantastic job around the bar. And for anyone new, I suspect in the future that there will be another chance for you to volunteer, so don't feel left out!!!

I am hoping we can have a "kick ass" Birthday Party for all of you December babies, and even if it's not your birthday, C'mon up to Giddy's Ups and celebrate anyway. Aunt Bea's cooking...shuffleboard tourney at 3....and Gunhands at 9. You won't want to miss a minute!!! If anyone has any ideas for kicking the Monthly Birthday Parties up a notch or adding some creative ideas to the already existing birthday parties, please let Nancy or myself know....suggestions must be legal, of course. :) Anyways, this Redneck Woman's gotta ride. (Think I left my Christmas lights on on my front porch all year long and I'm just gonna leave 'em there!! ) It's Christmas time again!!! Hell Yeah!!! Take Care. I'll be looking for ya'll on Saturday. Don't Forget!!!   With much Love,    The Giddy Up's "Redneck Woman"

11/20/05 -- Sabrina

Sorry for sending all these one at a time, it is the only way we can do it on our computer.... Gary and I have had such a great time the past two wks ends at The Giddy Ups!!!!!!! Thanks for everything you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sabrina&Gary

11/21/05 -- Sabrina - Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! I appreciate all that you do and all of the folks that work hard to make these benefits help so many people in need. Love - Nancy

11/20/05 -- Squeeky

Another decent picture of Renita!     (click here to see what Bill's talking about)

11/07/05 -- Hans Miyagi

Website:  www.pitchforkband.com

11/04/05 -- Jack

use what you want trash the rest!!   jack    (We're not 'trashing' any of them.....click here for Open Mic Nite!)

11/03/05 -- Debra

Here's a few Halloween pictures we had a blast!!  :)    (click here to see the great pics Debra's talking about!)

11/03/05 -- Debra

Nancy...hello its me Debra the cop from Halloween :)  I have some really good pics of your halloween party email me if you want them  :)

   (Hi Debra - go ahead and send them to pictures@giddyups.com - thanks a lot, Debra - Nancy)

11/01/05 -- Danielle

hi, I took some pics. most were to dark. I'll fix them up and redo.  thanks danielle

   (Don't worry Danielle...we can make almost any picture work!  click here to see the great pics Danielle shared!)

11/01/05 -- Nancy

We had a great Halloween Party with Karaoke on Sunday. Thank you to all of you who came out and had a good time. The winners of the costume contest are as follows: 1st Place Couple - "Pink Kitty and Penis", 2nd Place Couple "Dirty Cop and Outlaw". 1st Place Individual "Dirty Cop", 2nd Place Individual "Superwoman". everyone who came out made this such a fun time whether or not they were in costumes. Steve Douglas and Good Time Charlie are fantastic with Karaoke on Sunday nites. Thanks again!! Be sure to check out our upcoming events - November is a busy month - Benefit for Dana-Saturday November 12th - great music with Charlie Prichard, Speedy Sparks, Nick Connolly & Rusty Traps that evening - music throughout the day with Jerry, Ted, Roy, Aaron. Our 1st Annual Thanksgiving Cook-off is Saturday November 19th, with Chili, Brisket, Beans, Bloody Mary & Salsa - music that evening with Sam Bentley, and last but not least our monthly Birthday Party for November babies is Saturday, November 26th, with music with Fly by Nite. Come on out, meet some nice people, and help us help our friends Dana and Robert Farber with the benefit and the chili cook-off.

10/29/05 -- Steve

pics of sat oct 29th halloween costumes   (click here to see the great pics Steve shared!)

10/26/05 -- Squeeky

Finally, a decent picture of Renita!     (click here to see what Bill's talking about)

10/17/05 -- Lefty

I believe we're having a shindig on Sunday, October 30th - Halloween Party where everyone can sing Karaoke in disguise so we don't know who's got the microphone - keep looking for more information - it will be fun I'm sure - those Karaoke guys Steve Douglas and Good Time Charlie are something else. I tried the BBQ out front for the first time and it truly is some of the best I've had. The ribs are cooked to perfection, the chicken is moist and smokey, and the brisket is just the perfect mix of lean and moist. I highly recommend it to the rest of the folks going down Manchaca Road, and if its a Friday, Saturday or Sunday you are in for an additional treat inside the bar with the live music bands and Karaoke on Sunday. My twin Righty is supposed to be stopping by or at least writing a line or two of his own. Enjoy the music and come on out for the Halloween Karaoke Nite on Sunday the 30th.

10/13/05 -- Rick

I love this bar.    Somebody ought to write a song about that.

10/13/05 -- Lefty  

This is a great little neighborhood bar. Everyone knows each other and says howdy, good to see you. If you don't know anyone - the bartenders will usually announce we have a newbee in the house and introduce you around. I always feel welcome and at home here. There is an outside patio where you can see some of the best sunsets in Austin. The music venue is quite impressive and they are always changing it up. Knaak Attack plays every other Tuesday and maybe Aaron Wright and Paul Buzz are going to fill in the other Tuesdays - we're waiting to hear more. Smokers are welcome here - there is quite the buzz going around that the City of Austin is not a dictatorship telling folks what they can or cannot do. 20% of the customer base here at Giddy Ups are non-smokers anyway and they choose to come here for the friendly people and great service provided by the greatest bartenders in Austin - Aunt Bea, Ms. Blu, Roxi, Don Juan, Little Bit aka Renita, Mikey likes it, and of course Nancy. They have many benefits through out the year to support and assist people in need. Sometimes they just have a fish fry to have folks come together for a relaxing fun afternoon. We love this bar and the folks that patronize it along with the great staff and service. Hope to see you soon - and keep watching for more events and music.

9/19/05 -- Steve Douglas

shared some great pictures from Open Mic Nite.  See some of the fun by clicking here

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