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Come see all the fun we have!

There's always something going on at Giddy Ups.....a party, a cook-off, music....you might even find your picture in here!!  As you look at album, you can click on any of the small pictures to see the larger versions....you know....for those times you want a closer look to see if what you're seeing really is what you think it is!

Join our mascots Lefty and Righty.  They love showing you a good time.

Snapshots from around the club (this group of pictures will keep changing....be sure to check back often.

Take a peek at Lost John Casner with Merle Haggard...

10-22-2007 Monday Blues Jam with JJ Slyde

07-28-2007 Pati McLean

07-27-2007 The Heroes

06-23-2007 Mr. Harvey's Birthday

06-16-2007 Glenn Collins

06-14-2007 Open Mic with Ted and Roy

06-05-2007 The Space Heaters

06-02-2007 Teri Joyce

05/26/07 Will Knaak and Friends

05/18/07 Jason Arnold and The Stepsiders

05/13/07 Mother's Day Cookoff

05/12/07 CASI Cookoff

05/11/07 Sam Bentley

05/06/07 Sunday Night Karaoke

05/05/07 Glenn Collins

04/24/07 Billy Garza and Trouble No More

04/19/07 Open Mic with Jodi Adair

04/12/07 Open Mic with Ted and Roy

04/12/07 Mike Morgan Early Show

04/11/07 Outlaw Nite with Rich and Miranda

03/17/07 St. Patrick's Day Party

01/27/07 Player One Band

01/26/07 Nancy's Birthday Party

01/12/07 The Red Neck Boys

01/04/07 250th Open Mic Night With Ted & Roy

01/01/07 New Years Day Shuffleboard

12/28/06 Roger Beasley's Birthday

12/02/06 The Flyin' A's

12/01/06 Dewey Lyon and The Heatherns

11/18/06 Thanksgiving Cookoff

11/07/06 Billy Garza Tuesday Night

11/04/06 Blu and Tom's Wedding

10/31/06 More Halloween Party Pics

10/31/06 Halloween Party

10/28/06 Benefit for Uncle Gene

10/22/06 The Rolling Stones at Zilker Park

10/6/06 Cathy & Johnie's Wedding Party

08/08/06 Val's 50th Birthday Party

08/4/06 Friday Night With The Wild Healers

07/15/06 Wedding Party for Hank and Debby

07/14/06 Friday Night With Glenn Collins

06/24/06 Farewell Party for Aunt Bea

06/23/06 Country Fried Friday Night Show

06/9/06 Bobby Pounds Friday Night Show

06/6/06 Chris Reeves Wednesday Night Show

05/24/06 Farewell Party for Rob

05/21/06 Cookin' Chili for Kids - Sunday

05/20/06 Cookin' Chili for Kids - Saturday

05/20/06 Cookin' Chili for Kids - Saturday - from Jack

05/12/06 Mike's Graduation Party with Kallisti Gold

05/02/06 Billy Garza & Trouble No More

04/26/06 Hosea Hargrove and the Road Runners

04/08/06 Texas Ladies State Chili Cookoff

04/08/06 Saturday with Glen Collins

04/06/06 Early Show with Will Sexton

April, 2006 Mike and R.J. Cuffed Up from Leslie

04/05/06 Stevie Tombstone Wednesday Show

03/17/06 St. Patrick's Day with Rand McCullough

03/10/06 A Night With Glen Collins

03/05/06 Karaoke With Steve from Jack

03/3/06 Little Steph - Friday Show

02/26/06 Karaoke With Steve from Jack

02/7/06 Aunt Bea's 50th Birthday

01/26/06 Nancy's Birthday and Open Mic Night

01/26/06 Nancy's Birthday Pics from Jack

01/26/06 Nancy's Birthday & Aunt Bea in Vegas

01/05/06 200th Open Mic Night With Ted & Roy

01/03/06 Marina from MarinaRocks.com

01/01/06 Karaoke with Steve

12/31/05 New Years Eve Party

12/10/05 Sam Bentley & The Honky Tonk Band

12/10/05 CASI Chili & Stew Cook-off

12/07/05 Roy & Ted Donate to Blue Santa

12/06/05 Desperate Times Great Show

12/05/05 Check Presented to Robert Farber

12/04/05 Karaoke with Steve and Ted

11/20/05 A Good Picture of Renita (from Squeeky)

11/19/05 Chili Cook-off (from Sabrina)

11/19/05 Chili Cook-off & Benefit for Robert

11/13/05 Karaoke Nite (from Jack)

11/12/05 Dana's Benefit (from Spinner)

11/12/05 Dana's Benefit (from Curtis)

11/12/05 Dana's Benefit (from Sabrina & Gary)

11/10/05 Open Mic Nite (from Jack)

11/07/05 Monday Nite Football (from Jack)

11/06/05 Karaoke Nite (from Steve)

11/03/05 Open Mic Nite (from Steve)

11/03/05 Open Mic Nite (from Jack)

10/31/05 More Halloween (from Debra)

10/31/05 Halloween Pictures (from Danielle)

10/31/05 Halloween With All Our Friends

10/29/05 Halloween w/ The Gunhands (from Steve)

10/26/05 Renita (from Sqeeky)

10/15/05 October B'day Party

10/05/05 Knaak Attack

09/29/05 Open Mic Night /w Ted & Roy (from Steve)

Road Kill Bill's Birthday (2005)

09/24/05 Jerry Sires Band

09/15/05 Open Mic Night

08/29/05 Plano's Birthday Party

08/27/05 Benefit for Annette

08/26/05 John Casner & Friends

08/06/05 Friends Dancing and Having Fun

07/15/05 John Bendele Band's CD Release Party

07/09/05 Friends Having Fun

05/20/05 The 'Summer is Here' Party

05/19/05 Happy Hour w/ Bobby Pounds.....and friend

03/05/05 A 'Welcome to Spring' Party

01/13/05 150th Open Mic Night With Ted & Roy

12/18/04 A Christmas Party

08/18/04 Jackson Taylor's Wednesday Jam

04/23/04 Ernie Durawa & Friends Jammin'

02/07/04 Stew Cook Off

08/02/03 Friends Having Fun!

05/17/03 CASI Chili Cook Off

Have you met Lefty and Righty, yet?   Well....one day, twin cowboys walked into Giddy Ups and offered their help to Nancy.  They're well mannered, lots of fun, and love horses....even if they getted bucked off a lot!   Nancy immediately asked them to help with her new website and they jumped at the chance!!   As you get to know them, share your stories with the webmaster....after she verifies the stories are kind of true, she'll create a special page just for Lefty and Righty!

So....how do you tell them apart?  Well...they each have a telling idiosycrisy.....Lefty always faces right and Righty always faces left!  We haven't been brave enough to ask 'why'.....we can only imagine. 

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