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12/10/05 CASI Chili and Stew Cook-off (Page 1)

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Chili cook-off, Shuffleboard Tournament, Stew cook-off & The Sam Bentley Band. What more could a person ask for. Thank you to all who participated as cooks, judges, set up tables, counted points, and just plain had a fun time.

As a side note - if you came in last in the stew cook-off, you sign the decorated toilet lid hanging on the wall. We do have some notables, Ken Rodd and Hank and this year too. Righty says this is the only time in your life you can sign a toilet in a bar and it is not considered vandalism.

Thank you Carole for taking some great pictures of The Sam Bentley Band. If any of you have not done so yet, you are in for a treat at Carole's web site please do check it out. She created this site for her LOVE of Texas, music, and the great friends she has. Her web site is www.texasandmusic.com.

We will be posting later this week the names of the winners and final tables, along with the final dollar amount raised for the Travis County Sheriffs' Benevolent Memorial Society. Thanks again to all who came out and made this a success - Nancy

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